Hold on, because you're in for a wild ride! This week we bring you our interview with Jana, an Alberta woman who had to have a cornea transplant...and...View Details

This weeks episode left us in total awe of 17 year old Nat, who is a burn survivor from a friendsgiving gone wrong. Despite spending months in a hospi...View Details

16. Honey I robbed a bank

This week we are SO excited to release our first ever interview, back in September when we were sure we'd be able to launch by October....as you all k...View Details

This week we chatted with Nha (aka Nacho Mouse) about her journey with Lupus, kidney disease, and the sense of humour that got her through it all.  As...View Details

This week we had the absolute pleasure of talking with Shay and learning about how she is refusing to let anything slow her down, including a pandemic...View Details

This week we spoke with elementary school teacher Meghan and found out what it's been like from her perspective as a teacher navigating a pandemic.  A...View Details

On this weeks episode we talked with our new BFF's Kourtney and Julia who were set to have their wedding in Mexico...until Covid happened. We learned ...View Details

Michelle and Carling are joined by guest Jana - a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta.  We talk about the provinces announcement to re-open, what ...View Details

Join us while we chat with Gillian, an infectious disease expert living in England.  She tells us about her adventures working in Africa during an Ebo...View Details

We took all the precautions, did everything we were told....and one of us still got a call saying we were exposed to someone who tested positive for c...View Details

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